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Download our free resources

We invite you to download our free resources

We’re happy to have you download these documents and share them wherever they may be of help. 

These resources contain the information Caregiving Pathways founder Beth Suereth wishes someone had given her as she began caring for her aging father. If our content helps you, please let us know! 

To order (and co-brand) printed materials, such as our family guide to managing the hospital stay, end-of-life planning resources, family caregiver name tags, tip sheets, and more, please contact us.

For health care systems and hospitals


A Guide for Families 

A standard brochure-size version of our family caregiver guide, 
written in the voice of the hospital

End-of-life planning


For individuals

End-of-Life Planning Guide

Guidance on creating a personal end-of-life plan for yourself or a family member



End-of-Life Plan Template

A simple way to share plans with family members


Insurance and Financial Information Spreadsheet

One place for the details your family needs to manage day-to-day life

For financial advisors


Complement Your Client’s Financial Plan with a Personal End-of-Life Plan

Program overview for financial advisors to help people align their financial
resources and final wishes

Hospital guide to give to family caregiv
End-of-Life Planning Guide
End-of-Life Plan Template page 1
Helping your family day-to-day life
Financial Advisor Program Overview.jpg
Bereavement Card Personal Note

Would one-to-one support help?

Family caregivers, schedule a free 30-minute chat. Talk to Beth Suereth about what you need when it comes to caregiving in general, managing a loved one’s hospital stay or creating a personal end-of-life plan for yourself or a family member.

More resources

See a comprehensive list of websites full of information that will help individuals and organizations understand the caregiving journey.

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