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About Us

We help families managing a hospital stay or preparing for the final stages of life

Our focus: Improving families' experiences in the hospital and at home

Family caregivers can influence a loved one’s hospital experience and health outcome — but only if they understand the power they have and how to use it. We invite you to join Caregiving Pathways on our mission to:


  • Teach family caregivers how to improve patient health

  • Decrease the cost of hospital care by reducing hospital days, ER visits, and preventable readmissions

  • Enhance the patient experience

  • Understand shifting care priorities



Family caregivers are extra hands, eyes, and ears that currently exist in virtually every patient room. Engage this influential population to improve inpatient health outcomes and reduce the cost of care — without disrupting care delivery.

A solution so simple, there’s no disruption

Clinicians can learn critical patient-specific details

These family members can also alert care delivery teams to patient-specific situations, such as depression, dementia, substance abuse, or hearing loss, that aren’t readily apparent but significantly affect patients’ ability to manage their condition and hospital experience.

Family caregivers can prepare to provide follow-up care at home

Patients leave the hospital earlier than ever, especially because of COVID-19. But the family members and friends who care for patients at home after a hospital stay are often unprepared to manage the medical/nursing tasks they become responsible for handling.


  • We help hospitals prepare family caregivers to provide safe care at home.

  • We work directly with individual family caregivers to prepare them to provide care at home, look for red flags, and prevent complications.


Ep 80 Beth Suereth.png

Listen in as Beth Suereth talks about managing the hospital stay on Rayna Neises' podcast, A Season of Caring. Hear helpful insights on communicating with hospital staff, knowing what questions to ask, and tracking what happens so you'll notice potential problems. 

Hear Beth Suereth share her family caregiving experience on Elizabeth Miller’s Happy Healthy Caregiver Podcast. Beth shares helpful tips on managing a hospital stay and the time between a grim diagnosis and the end of life.

See more podcasts featuring Beth Suereth.

Guest appearance on Caregivers First on SCAN TV

Beth Suereth shared her top tips on managing a hospital stay with Lynette Whitman as a guest on Caregivers First, a SCAN NJ television show.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Presentation

Beth Suereth presented Improving Health Outcomes by Educating Family Caregivers at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Summit on Improving Patient Care in San Diego, California.

Beth Rooney Suereth

Founder and CEO

Volunteer Activities

When Beth's father was hospitalized for his first surgery, she wasn’t aware that family members could have a role during a loved one's hospitalization. Several hospital stays later, it became clear that being actively involved in the hospital stay made a significant difference in her father's hospital experience, health outcome, and overall cost of care.

Beth is focused on creating a family caregiver culture that will drive improved patient outcomes and help families care for a family member during a health crisis and the final stages of life.

Supporting family caregivers is good for individuals, families, and virtually every organization — because the 53 million family caregivers in the United States are everywhere, and they all need guidance and instruction.


Beth is interested in working with any individuals or organizations aiming to integrate family caregiver support into everyday business and everyday life.


Stevie Awards recognize Caregiving Pathways and Founder/CEO Beth Suereth
"Caregiving Pathways won Gold for Most Innovative Company of the Year and the Bronze Stevie for Most Innovative Woman of the Year in the 2020 Stevie Awards  for Women in Business." Read the Stevie Awards blog post for details.


Caregiving Pathways:

The only organization that gives families the resources they need to care for a family member throughout caregiving, a hospital stay and the final stages of life
We work with individuals, policy makers, healthcare organizations, financial planners, and employers to help them develop family caregiver support strategies that enhance their personal or business goals.

Our comprehensive set of resources — and personalized support from Caregiving Pathways founder Beth Suereth — give family caregivers a complete set of tools for managing the hospital stay and end of life, all in one place.

Our guides are free and available
to all.

Our goal is to help hospitals, health plans, pharmacies, and care providers engage family caregivers to improve patient health outcomes, improve medication adherence, and reduce hospital costs and readmissions.

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