You want better patient health

We can help. We teach family caregivers how to:

  • Improve a loved one’s health in the hospital

  • Enhance the patient experience

  • Prevent readmission

Family caregiver: Family member or friend who helps a loved one with a health condition

We teach families how to manage a hospital stay and the end of life.

We work with:

  • Families to help them manage a loved one's hospital stay

  • Individuals to help them create a personal end-of-life plan for a family member or for themselves

  • Health care organizations to develop data-driven strategies and educational and marketing materials

  • Pharmacies to create family caregiver engagement strategies that promote loyalty and adherence

  • Employers to develop strategies that support family caregivers to manage absenteeism and retention

  • Financial advisors to help their clients create a personal end-of-life plan to complement a financial plan

A solution so simple, there’s no disruption

Studies show that health outcomes improve when the hospital care team includes the patient’s family members.

What Family Caregivers Are Saying


I wish I had this guide the first time my mother-in-law was in the hospital. I would have known what to expect, and we could have done so much more to help her get better faster.


– Family caregiver Mary Menard, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Help family caregivers improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and reduce costs.

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